Meaning of the Logo:

The star in the middle is composed of 5 human figures united in the center to signify unity in work and the value of communion in mission.  These figures represent the significant roles played by a 5-star Lasallian graduate in the community- health care provider, manager, educator, social mobilizer, and researcher.

Each human figure has a diamond head and 2 extending arms. Diamond represents the different stages that our students have to go through to achieve the best education they deserve and to apply it for the transformation of the community and the society just like a diamond that went through different stages before reaching its final state. Diamonds are precious like the education they get from our Institution; it is also the finest just like the service they could deliver to their future patients. Those extended arms shall serve the last, the least, and the lost.

The yellow background (with gradient design) signifies the “light” effect that we as Lasallians deliver to others as we go beyond the campus of DLSMHSI, reaching out to communities specially those in need. It gives a picture of the Lasallian song (prayer),”…even if I’m not the light, I can be a spark…”  The greater purpose for the service the Institution provides is for God’s greater glory.

Finally, the three hands are those involved in the community work that contribute to the transformation of the nation: the (1) DLSMHSI community, (2) the partner communities, and most importantly, (3) God, who makes all things possible.


CCEHDP-  Empowering the people in the community for health equity and for God’s greater glory.


Developed by: CCEHDP Team of 2017

Revised in 2019