Signum Fidei – “Sign of Faith” has been the motto of the Brothers of the Christian Schools since the days of Saint John Baptist De La Salle. 

Indivisa Manent – The ancient motto of the La Salle Family is “Que sien toustem legato amasse,” which in Gascon dialect means “Let us all be united!” or “Let us all stick together!” The Rheims branch of the family translated this motto into the Latin “Indivisa Manent,” which is the present wording of the motto on the coat of arms, literally translated as “Permanently Indivisible.” The latin phrase is translated into the present tag line “One La Salle.” 

Caduceus – “Medical Symbol” In 1902 the caduceus was added to the uniforms of Army medical officers. Rod of Asclepius. It is relatively common, especially in the United States, to find the caduceus, with its two snakes and wings, used as a symbol of medicine instead of the correct Rod of Asclepius, with only a single snake. 

Mappa – Is a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between regions or nations, and culture. 

City of Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines – Is a “first class” city in the province of Cavite 

2015 – the year when the unit, originally named International Student Relations Department, was established under the Vice Chancellor for Academics