BANKING NEED ASSISTANCE – assists the international students in opening bank accounts. Proof of identity and residency shall be needed in the request to open an account in the Philippines.

  1. ACR I-card (Alien Certificate of Registration Card),
  2. passport, and
  3. Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR) as proof of their residency

STUDENT ACCOMODATION AND UPKEEP – assists  the international students in inquiring and processing for information as regards their school fees. The document is essential to some countries for easy bank transactions.
TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE – provides transportation assistance to international students in traveling to and from through Lasallian Pick-up service c/o DLSHSI Transportation Department.

  • Students shall file a request through ISRU Transportation Assistance Request: http://www.rsrc.es/ISRUTranspoRequest
  • Once approved, the Trip Ticket shall be submitted to the Transportation Department by ISRU.
  • The students shall be picked up from and sent to DLSMHSI. Unless the need to send them directly home arises.

One of the main thrust of ISRU is to provide programs and activities that contribute to the holistic development of the International Students. Far from academics, the students may engage in various events that promote smooth transition to the Philippine settings and community; camaraderie amongst International Students; social and personal growth.

  • General Orientation/Assembly- is designed to introduce and inform International Students about the safety, services, workshops and retreats, leadership programs, cultural tours/trips and programs and activities of the Institution exclusively for them.
  • Cultural Tours/Trips- is an activity provided for students to experience life in the Philippines and cultural exploration and discovery, relative to the smooth transition and integration to local setting and culture.
  • International and National Leadership Development Workshops and Retreats- is Lasallian activities that provide opportunities to develop and enhance effective leadership skills and encourage involvement in student organizations at DLSMHSI.
  • Outreach Program – is an activity involving international students in community service & advocacy to develop their multicultural sensitivity.
  • International Student Association and Activities – are activities to support International Students during their stay, to challenge and to develop themselves on professional and cultural levels.
  • International Networking/Consortium – is a Lasallian International alliance among schools of 3 or more countries with the goal of implementing the student exchange programs following the guidelines provided by the ISRU.
  • International Student Sports Activities- are activities to support International Students in their passion for sports. However, their participation is limited only to institutional games and SLCUAA and not in PRISAA or other inter-school tournaments, and scholarship.
  • International Conferences and Competitions – are activities and privileges provided for chosen and qualified international students to represent DLSMHSI in international competitions or conferences
  • Others: International Students Graduates Night, Lasallian International Sport Fest (Larong Pinoy), Lasallian International Food Fest, Paskong Pinoy, Holiday Party, Christmas or Holiday Celebration, International Friendship Football Cup, Cultural Music Festival