• To ensure that all foreign applicants and local students receive excellent service in coordination with the other departments;
  • To assist International Students with housing issues, immigration concerns, culture adjustments, certain legal matters, and other personal concerns; and
  • To anticipate the needs of international students relative to their smooth transition and integration to local setting and culture.

Major Functions

  • Assist enrolled International Students in the Extension of Visa at the Bureau of Immigration and other legal documentary moments
  • Assist enrolled International Students in processing of Quarantine at the Bureau of Quarantine, securing of clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation
  • Coordinate with the Language Training and Professional Development Unit with the concerns of the International Students with regards to the Language (Filipino/English) Proficiency requirements
  • Enable to join and accompany International Students in the local and international conferences or competitions
  • Provide activities for the development of the International Students’ multicultural sensitivity attributes.

Minor Functions

  • Assist International students in the campus tour.
  • Assist colleges in preparation for off-campus activities.