VISA INFORMATION all international students must have a valid student visa to study at DLSMHSI. Visa Process is through the assistance of the Liaison Officer of The Registrar.
Tourist Visa – is a type of visa issued to international students who wish to extend his/her tourist visa during the last thirty (30) days of the previously issued Long-Stay Visitor Visa Extension, or upon the expiry of a regular visa extension with the total duration of extension of not more than six (6) months from the time of expiration of authorized stay. The ISRU provides assistance to this type of Visa.
Student Visa is issued to foreign students 18 years old and above and is taking a course higher than high school.
Conversion to Student Visa –all foreign nationals who are 18 years old and shall take up a course of study higher than high school at a University, seminary or college
Extension of Student Visa –Foreign nationals who are holders of an existing Student Visa and wish to continue his study in the Philippines.
Special Study Permit (SSP) – issued to an international student below the age of 18 and/or taking non-degree courses in the Philippines. A SSP is a PERMIT, not a visa but a Temporary Visitor’s Visa.
Requirements for Special Study Permit

  1. Letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the representative of the petitioning school;
  2. Filled-up BI Consolidated General Application Form (BI Form CGAF-003-Rev 0);
  3. 2 pcs 2×2 picture;
  4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  5. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance (for Medicine Students)
  6. Letter of Acceptance
  7. Photocopy of BI school accreditation ID of the Registrar or school representative.
  8. Payment for SSP (approx. Php 9,300)

    Assistance in Securing Clearance from Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
    Assistance to secure clearance, necessary for student visa process, is provided to enrolled International Students.
    Requirements for Quarantine Certificate:

    1. Picture 2×2 (3 pcs) with white background
    2. Original Passport
    3. Physical Appearance
    4. Php 500 – Physical Examination and Documentation of BOQ
    5. Original and duplicate copies of the following:
    6. Laboratory results (within 6 mos. validity) are as follows:
      • Chest X-ray
      • Urinalysis
      • Fecalysis (Ova and Parasite)
      • RPR/VDRL (Blood Test for Syphilis) – 15 yrs. old-onwards

      Note: Any Remarkable Results (With findings): Proceed to TSA-Health and Safety Department for advising

    7. Additional requirement for selected countries (Please see annex A- BOQ)
      • Malarial Smear Laboratory Result
      • Polio Vaccination Certificate
      • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

    Requirements for NBI Clearance:

    1. Online Appointment through NBI.gov.ph
    2. Pay the Php 155.00 as instructed on the website (to skip 2 steps in the NBI branch)
    3. Proceed to NBI –United Nation at 2nd Floor for assistance on Alien Applicants.
    4. The NBI Clearance will be released after three (3) working days.

BANKING NEED ASSISTANCE – assists the international students in opening bank accounts. Proof of identity and residency shall be needed in the request to open an account in the Philippines.

  1. ACR I-card (Alien Certificate of Registration Card),
  2. passport, and
  3. Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR) as proof of their residency