College of Humanities and Sciences

Established in 2014, the College of Humanities and Sciences is among the most recent colleges in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, along with the College of Pharmacy and the College of Medical Laboratory Science. It offers the three-year trimestral BS Biochemistry program with a two-year accelerated medicine track, the first accelerated medicine program with a strong chemistry preparation in the Philippines.
It was previously known as the General Education Department which housed various clusters in the fields of languages, literature, natural sciences, philosophy, religious education, social sciences, and physical education. In 2013, the various clusters were merged into two major integrated clusters – Integrated Humanities and Integrated Sciences and later turned into three departments namely: the Integrated Humanities, Integrated Sciences and the Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department has been established and separated from the Integrated Sciences due to the offering of the BS Biochemistry program. In 2015, the three (3) departments have been restructured to only two (2) departments namely: Integrated Humanities and Sciences headed by a chair and the Chemistry headed by a Program Director. In 2018, The Integrated Humanities and Sciences was renamed General Education Department, and recently the Chemistry Department has been changed to Biochemistry Department, highlighting the program of the college, which is the BS Biochemistry. The College of Humanities and Sciences also serves as a servicing college to other undergraduate colleges in the institution for their GE courses.