Academic Calender

AUGUST 18 2020-DECEMBER 19, 2020   JANUARY 18, 2021- May 20, 2021
August 13 Freshmen Orientation via Zoom Cloud Meeting 7:30-12:00   January 18 OPENING OF CLASSES
August 18 Opening of Classes/Lasallian General Assembly   January 18 -29

January 25

January 25-March 12


Late Enrolment, Adding & Dropping Period with refund

Chinese New Year:  Holiday

Thesis:  Application for Final Oral Defense (3rd Year only)

Aug 18– Sept 4 Late Enrolment add/drop with refund   Feb 1 –March 27 LOA Application/Withdrawal without refund
August 21 Ninoy Aquino (Holiday)   February 11-13 Lasallian Days Celebration
August 26

August 24-Oct 16

National Heroes Day (Holiday)

Thesis:  Application for Thesis Colloquium (3rd Year only)

  February 12 Chinese New Year (Holiday)
Sept 7 – Oct 25 Late Enrolment Period/ Adding & Changing of Subjects without Refund   February 16-17

February 17-18

CMIT Sports Fest


Sept 5


HEALS General Assembly (Scholars)   Feb 22 –27 PRELIM EXAM
Sept 21 – 26 PRELIM EXAMINATION   February 25


EDSA People Revolution (Holiday)


October 5


RAD 21 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation


  February 26


Annual Scholar and Sponsor Night (all scholars)
October 6


RAD 22 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation   March 1-May 31

March 6

March 10

March 13


March 17

Online Application for Graduation and Exit Interview

HEALS General Assembly (all scholars)

Si Kuya Juan at Ang Kabataan

Thesis:  Deadline for the Submission for Final Oral at 5:00 p.m. only (for 3rd Year only)

RAD 3 Guidance Seminar

October 7 RAD 1st Year Guidance Seminar


October 7 RAD 23 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation   March 22 Cavite Day (Holiday)
October 8


RAD 24 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation   March 2-April 16 Thesis:  Final Oral Defense Schedule (3rd Year only)
October 14


RAD3 Guidance Seminar   April 1 Maundy Thursday
October 16 Thesis:  Deadline of Application for Thesis Colloquium   April 10 Good Friday
October 19 RAD 31 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation   April 5-10 MIDTERM EXAMINATION
October 20 RAD 32 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation   May 1 Labor Day (Holiday)
October 21 RAD 33 Recollection  and Lasallian Formation   May 7 Thesis: Deadline of Application for Re-Oral Defense Schedule
October 22 – RAD 2ND YEAR Guidance Seminar

– 2ND YEAR NMT Recollection  and Lasallian Formation

  May 3-8 FINAL EXAMINATION (Graduating Class)
Sept 26-Nov-13 Thesis:  Thesis Colloquium Schedule (for 3rd year only)   May 12 Thesis:  Re-oral Defense Schedule
November 1 All Saint’s Day   May 13 Holiday Eidul-Fitar
November 2 All Soul’s Day/Memorial Day of Br. Rafael S. Donato FSC   May 17-22


FINAL EXAMINATION(non-graduating class)
November 3 RESUMPTION OF OFFICES   May 22-24 Encoding of Final Grades (graduating class)
November 3-9 MIDTERM EXAMINATION   May 23-30 Encoding of Final Grades (non-graduating class)
November 26 Paru-paro Festival (Special non-working holiday)   May 23-June 6 Mid-Year Term Break
November 30 Holiday Bonifacio Day (Holiday)   May 28

May 31-June 4

Thesis:  Deadline of Submission of Thesis Final Copy at 5:00 p.m.

Scholarship Application Period

December 4 Thesis: Deadline of Application for re-colloquium(for 3rd year only)   June 2

June 3

RAD 4 Interns Retreat

RAD 4 Interns Retreat

Dec 7-12 ALUMNI Week   June 4 RAD 4 Interns Closing of Logbook and Signing of Clinical Education Clearnce
December 8


Holiday Feast of Dasma   June 11 NSTP Graduation
December 9 Thesis:  Re-colloquium(for 3rd year only)   June 12 Holiday(Independence Day)
December 14-19




  June 18 Baccalaureate Mass
December 16 RAD4 Interns Enrolment   June 21

June 23

Gawad Parangal


December 16 Thesis: Deadline for the Submission of Corrected

Chapters 1-2 (for 3rd year only)




June 14-July 23, 2021


December 18 -Thesis: Deadline for Submission of Instrument for Validation (for 3rd year only)


December 18 -Thesis: Deadline for Signing Letters of Request (for 3rd year only)  
December 18 INSTITUTIONAL CHRISTMAS PARTY (Faculty & Staff Only)  
December 20-Jan 3 CHRISTMAS BREAK   June 4-11


Mid Year Term Enrolment
January 4 Resumption of Offices   June 14 OPENING OF MID YEAR TERM CLASS


January 4 -17 SEMESTRAL BREAK   June 14-18 Late Enrolment add/drop with refund
      June 21-25 Late Enrolment add/drop without refund
      July 19-24 FINAL EXAMINATION