College of Medical Laboratory Science

College of Medical Laboratory Science

The Institute offers a four-year outcomes-based curriculum in Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science that equips students in the fundamentals of medical laboratory science.

It trains students to be globally-competent in the performance of basic and advanced laboratory test procedures and analyses which aids in the screening, diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and maintenance of optimum health. The program also provides a profound training in scientific research, instrumentations, and community related activities.

It consists of general education courses and professional courses like Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology and Clinical Parasitology, Clinical Microscopy, Hematology, Serology and Immunology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Histopathology and Molecular Biology and Diagnostics.

A comprehensive hospital internship program for one year in accredited training laboratories will be offered during the fourth-year level with weekly seminar updates for special topics and Medical Technology assessment program. We emphasize on teaching minds, touching hearts, and transforming lives.