1. Offer alternative and innovative approaches in the delivery of the curriculum for the BS PTOTSLP programs.
  2. Conduct community outreach activities promoting participation and involvement of the CRS family.
  3. Establish linkage with local and/or national government and non-government organizations for the promotion and delivery of community service especially for Filipinos with disabilities.
  4. Offer scholarship programs for the poor but deserving students in the public high schools of Cavite.
  5. Offer certification programs which can help realize the health service potential and uplift the standards of living of the poor but deserving students in the community who cannot afford formal college education.
  6. Attain local and international accreditation for the programs offered.
  7. Establish local and international linkages that shall strengthen research collaboration, faculty and student development or program development in the field of rehabilitation sciences.
  8. Promote the enculturation of the expected Lasallian attributes to all members of the CRS family.