DLSMHSI and Sagada National High School sign MOU

September 23, 2019 | 3:18 pm

Medical  and  Health Sciences Institute inked a Memorandum of  Agreement  with  Sagada  National  High  School (SNHS) as part of its linkages effort. DLSMHSI, through  Romeo P. Ariniego, MD, AFSC Library and  Center  for  Innovative  Education  and  Technology Integration, shall provide   a  Technology  and  Information  Literacy  Outreach  Program  to Sagada  National  High  School, which   involves   teacher   trainings  and library  development  programs. The  outreach  aims  to  be  a sustainable partnership   between   DLSMHSI   and  the  public  secondary  school  to support  teaching  and  learning by providing training and library programs for five (5) years.

The Library assembled two (2) teams to participate in the outreach. The first team  composed  of five  (5) members departed on May 21, 2019 to help   SNHS   Library   in   organizing   its   collection   using   a   library management   system. This   involved   cataloging,  encoding,  and processing  the  library  collection  and  training  the teacher-librarian on how  to  use the library management system. The second team followed on  May 28, 2019 consisting  of six (6) members to bring donated books and  magazines  and  to  help  the  first  team  in  processing  the library collections. The CIETI team, composed of five (5) members, also left on May 28, 2019  and  conducted  a  teacher  training to SNHS on May 31, 2019.