Request for Academic Record

            Graduates or students may apply for academic records in person, online, or through authorized representative.

  • Graduates or students may fill out a REQUEST FORM (REF-F05) at The Registrar. The Contact Services Staff shall give instructions on how to fill out the Request Form and give a concise explanation of the procedure. A valid student ID or Registration Form shall be required from enrolled students.
  • The requesting party may register and log in to the online facility to request for academic records. The online facility allows The Registrar to verify the identity of students or graduates. Only graduates, enrolled students, or former students who were able to obtain a Student Clearance are allowed to register and request for student records using the online facility. Online requests are processed upon remittance of the prescribed fees.
  • The requesting party may also send representative and present two (2) valid IDs , a signed Authorization Letter, and photocopies of two (2) valid IDs of the student graduate.
  • Requests made by phone or through social media are not honored and disclosure of any student information by phone is not allowed under any circumstance.
  • The Contact Service Staff of The Registrar verifies the Student Clearance of the requesting party and sees to it that a complete set of requirements was submitted before accepting the request and forwarding it to the Record Evaluator for processing.
  • When claiming documents at The Registrar, the requesting party must present the official receipt. If a third party is claiming the academic records (2) valid IDs of the representative, a signed Authorization Letter, and photocopies of two (2) valid IDs of the graduate or student are required.
  • The Contract Services Staff validates the signatures of the requesting party and the authorized representative before ant academic record is released. A Received claim is then sign by the graduate, student or the representative.


Other Requirements:


  1. Affidavit for requests for second copies of diploma or certificates and Certificates of transfer Credential
  2. Damaged Diploma if requesting for a replacement
  3. Clear (powder) copies of diploma or certificate, TOR, etc for Certified True Copies of documents
  4. Two (2) clear (powder) copies of TOR, two (2) reduced photocopies of Diploma and accomplished CHED Endorsement Form for CHED Authentication and Verification (CAV) request.


Online Student Record Application (OSRA)


The Online Student Record Application (OSRA) allows the student and alumni of DLSMHSI or their designate to officially request for academic records online. By using the platform, or by communicating electronically with The Registrar for such purpose, the requesting party is presumed to be the owner of the records being requested or is duly authorized by the latter and becomes legally bound by a set of Terms and Conditions.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Reasonable care shall be taken by DLSMHSI to determine the legitimacy of all requests submitted through OSRA.
  2. The contents of the online platform may change without prior notice, hence, the requesting party is expected to read through and agree with these terms and conditions each time a request is submitted.
  3. In confirming every online request, the requesting party accepts the sole responsibility for any student or personal information provided herein and for any pain of penalty arising from the requesting party’s negligence, misuse, non-compliance, or misrepresentation not withstanding denial of the request.
  4. DLSMHSI and The Registrar disclaims to the fullest extent permitted by law all liability for any claims, penalties, losses, costs, expenses, or damages of any kind including any indirect loss or damage incurred by alumni, former students, or current students arising out of, in relation to, or in connection with your access to, use of, inability to use, reliance on the functioning, or unauthorized access to or alteration of this online platform.
  5. Email is not a secure form of communication and any information sent by mail is done at the client’s own risk.
  6. A student’s privacy is important to DLSMHSI. The Registrar aims to strike a fair balance between the student’s personal privacy and ensuring clients obtain the full value of the OSRA and the services it offers.
  7. OSRA is powered by http://www.formsite.com and will require information that will enable The Registrar to deal with requests. DLSMHSI may use the directory information of students for future email mailings, notifications, and general correspondence regarding the services, projects, and program offerings of DLSMHSI.
  8. The information provided by clients shall be kept confidential and shall be used only in accordance with relevant policies and procedures.


Visit www.dlshsi.edu.ph and click the Online Student Record Application link under Site Features on the lower left corner of the screen.


Issuance of Documents



The TOR provides an account of a student’s academic performance. It shows the courses taken and grades earned by students   throughout their stay at the institute, including transferred credits from other educational institutions. TOR obtained from other institutions may be re-issued only as Certified True Copy.

DIPLOMA or CERTIFICATES (for non-degree programs).

Diplomas and certificates   are issued only unless lost or damaged. Such instances, then require an Affidavit of Loss or the damaged diploma or certificates to be submitted to The Registrar before a second is issued.


Is a document that signifies a student’s permanent termination of studies at DLSMHSI. It is a document certifying that a students is free of all financial and property responsibilities to DLSMHSI., is not under a term of     suspension or expulsion, and is fully eligible to transfer to another institution.

  • A Certificate of Transfer Credential is issued only once, unless the student can show that the documents were lost through force majeure and had not been used for enrollment elsewhere. An Affidavit of Loss or a Letter of No Objection from The Registrar of the school which admitted them shall be required for a second copy to be issued.
  • A request for a second copy of  a student’s complete records by the Registrar or his/her designate when the original has been lost or damaged is honored and may be given free of charge as a matter of institutional courtesy.
  • Requests for Certificate of Transfer Credential made during the academic year must be accompanied by letters of approval signed by the student’s parents or legal guardian.
  • A request made by one school for a TOR which had been previously issued to another school cannot be honored; in such cases, the second school must request from the school to which the transcript has first been sent.
  • A Certificate of Transfer Credential signed by the Registrar shall be issued not later than two weeks after the filing of the application for transfer, provided that, in the case of a student who is a transferee from another school, his records from his previous school have been received, are complete, and are in order.
  • Once the Certificate of Transfer Credential is issued, the institute is obliged to forward the following student records to the school to which the student wishes to transfer within 30 days.
  1. Copy of Grades
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character (Issued by the The Student Affairs)
  3. Transcript of Records
  4. Certified True Copy pf Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to the Medical School


The delivery of which must not be made through the student unless authorized in writing by the school requesting for the said records.


Issuance of School Identification Card for Students

The Registrar prints and issues the Identification Card (ID) for all types of students.

The Front Desk of The Registrar handles the following transactions in connection with the Identification Card:

  • Replacement (for damaged ID cards)
  • Lost
  • Validation


In case of lost ID card, an Identification Card may be printed only upon presentation of the following:

  • Registration Form
  • Notarized Affidavit of Lost

For replacement of ID, the damaged/old ID card will be surrendered.

 A Temporary ID shall be issued by The Registrar with a period of validity indicated. This should be surrendered to The Registrar to receive the replacement school ID.  



Picture-taking for new IDs may be done on the following schedule:

  • Mondays to Thursdays,4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Fridays, 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Attire: Student should be in complete school uniform.


Processing Period of Documents

Type of Document

Processing Period

Transcript of Records (TOR) 10 working days
Certified True Copy of TOR 1 working day
Diploma 15 working days
Certified True Copy of Diploma 1 working day
Certificate of Enrollment 1 working day
Certificate of Graduation 1 working day
Certificate of Grades 1 working day
Certificate of Weighted Average 3 working days
Certificate of Weighted Average and Class Rank 3 working days
Certificate of Earned Units 1 working day for undergraduate students
Certificate of Medium of Instruction 3 working days
Course Description (Medicine ) 7 working days
Certificate of Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal) 5 working days
CHED Authentication and Verification (CAV) 10 working days
Foreign Credentialing 10 working days
MSPE 10 working days


Processing of Requests starts when all applicable documentary requirements and proof of payment are received and validated. Failure to comply with documentary requirements and non-submission of proof of payment (i.e. bank deposit slip) may delay the processing of requests. The processing periods (Turn-Around-Time or TAT) specified by The Registrar does not include shipping and handling, which are dependent on the postal or courier service provider.

Processing periods do not include Philippine holidays, weekends, or other holidays recognized by DLSMHSI. Requests placed beyond 3:00pm (cut-off time) or on weekends or holidays will be validated on the following business day.

Any inconsistency in the information provided by the requesting party with the records of The Registrar will be interpreted as a misrepresentation and the online request may be invalidated and denied regardless of compliance with all requirements including payment.

Shipping and handling charges imposed by postal or courier service providers are complex and are subject to change without prior notice. Flat rates are determined based on existing charges of your preferred mailing or courier service provider for documents not exceeding 50 grams for registered mail, 250 grams for express mail, or 500 grams for courier services.

Payment for requests for academic records is possible through bank deposit or fund transfer to HERMANO (SAN MIGUEL FEBRES CORDERO MEDICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. though the following banks:



Dasmarinas Branch

Account No. 0963-0908-89



Dasmarinas Branch

Account No. 265-054741-6