Guidelines in requesting audio-visual, photography and videography services

Audio-visual services to academic activities may be provided upon request. Activities refer to events that fall outside of regular class hours in venues other than classrooms such as seminars, conferences, and meetings.

Photography services involve photo coverage of academic activities. Videography services involve video coverage of academic activities. Requests for these services for personal purposes are not allowed.

  1. A representative of the College or Department who is responsible for the activity (such as faculty member or administrative assistant) should fill out the Online Reservation Form at least 4 working days (excluding Saturday) before the activity date. Students are not allowed to submit requests.
  2. The requestor shall be responsible for the reservation of the venue.
  3. The requestor shall provide the transportation to the venue and back to the Institute if it is outside of the campus.
  4. The Audio Visual Technology shall contact the requestor to confirm the details of the request and to inform if the request is approved or otherwise.
  5. Dry-run involving the use of AV equipment may be allowed subject to the availability of manpower and equipment.
  6. Raw image and video files shall be provided. No filtering, post-processing or editing shall be done on the photos and videos. The requestor shall provide the medium where the files shall be saved, such as CD, USB, or external hard drive.
  7. Requests may be disapproved due to insufficient manpower, unavailability of requested audio-visual equipment, insufficient or inappropriate expertise or skill requested, or other reasons deemed valid by the RPAMDAFSC Library. Requests shall be processed on a first-come, first served basis.
  8. The RPAMDAFSC Library reserves the right to deck the requests based on priority, disapprove requests, or cancel requests upon prior notice.
  9. In cases where the schedule of the activity requiring AV assistance falls outside of the regular work hours of the AV Technicians, the requesting College or Department shall shoulder the costs incurred due to overtime of the AV Technicians.
  10. Cancellation of reservation must be done at least two working days (excluding Saturday) before the activity date.