Use of OpenAthens

Use of OpenAthens

OpenAthens is a service provided by RPAMDAFSC Library to facilitate remote access to subscribed content using a single sign-on. Accounts are provided to bona fide members of the Institute who are engaged in research for a definite period of time.

Patron OpenAthens account expiration
Full-time and Part-time Faculty Member 1 year, renewable every year
Academic Support Personnel (ASP) 1 year, renewable every year
Permanent Non-Teaching Personnel (NTP) 1 year, renewable every year
Resident 1 year, renewable every year
2nd Year Medicine student 1 year, renewed for another year in 3rd Year
1st Year Master of Arts in Nursing student 1 year, renewed for another year in 2nd Year
3rd year or 4th Year undergraduate student enrolled in Research class 1 year; renewed for another year in 4th Year for BSPT students


OpenAthens is introduced and accounts are created during library orientation to the faculty members, residents, ASP, and NTP and during the Information Literacy Session to the students every year. Only legitimate and eligible members of the Institute may have an OpenAthens account.

Guidelines in the use of OpenAthens:

  1. Eligible members must attend the OpenAthens orientation before they are given an account.
  2. Accounts are automatically renewed for another year until
    1. For faculty member, ASP, or NTP: He or she files a leave of absence, resigns, retires, or separates from the Institute
    2. For residents, and students: He or she files a leave of absence, transfers or graduates
  3. The Library may provide re-orientation to existing account holders upon request.
  4. Account holders are prohibited from sharing their OpenAthens credentials to other persons, whether DLSHSI or non-DLSHSI member.
  5. The Library reserves the right to terminate or revoke the OpenAthens account temporarily or in perpetuity due to reasons such as, but not limited to:
    1. Separation from the Institute due to leave of absence, transfer, resignation, or retirement
    2. Abuse or inappropriate use of the service, such as sharing of account to other persons
  6. It also reserves the right to refuse requests for OpenAthens account as it deems fit, such as DLSHSI members who are not engaged in research.
  7. Requests for OpenAthens accounts, orientation for new account holders, re-orientation for existing account holders, and general queries about its use may be sent by call at ext. 1525 or by email at rpamdlibrary@dlshsi.edu.ph.