Issuance of Referral Letters

The Reference Section issues referral letters to those who wish to perform research in other libraries and research agencies. Reference interviews are conducted by the Reference Librarian or the Library Assistant before the patrons are given referral letters. The interview aims to determine the purpose of the visit and to confirm if the student has exhausted all resources available in Library.

All bona fide members of the Institute are eligible to request for referral letters at least one day before the intended date of visit to other libraries or research agencies. Referrals are issued subject to the visiting schedule and policies set by the institution visited.


  • Valid DLSMHSI identification card
  • No outstanding accountability in the Library

Additional requirements for senior high school students:

  • Letter addressed to the Library Director stating the intent to visit other libraries bearing the following information:
  • Name of student
  • Research topic
  • Date of visit
  • Name of library intended to visit
  • It must be duly signed by the faculty member or parent who shall accompany the student to the library and the Director for Special Health Sciences High School.

Click here to fill-out the online referral request form.