OBJECTIVES OF STUDENT L.I.F.E (Leadership, Involvement, Formation, Empowerment)

  • To be able to enhance the student experience by creating a collaborative community that fosters a well-rounded and purposeful life.
  • To be able to prepare and engage students to lead, learn and live in a global society.
  • To be able to advocate for diversity, community and the celebration of tradition that promotes an inclusive environment.
  • To be able to challenge and empower students to be socially responsible citizens who contribute to their communities and profession through leadership and service.



  • To be able to increase students’ knowledge of success behaviors and habits, and assist them in developing the skills necessary to achieve their goals.
  • To be able to provide learning experiences that promote students’ success and prepare them to contribute to a dynamic society.

To be able to collaborate with the Student Wellness and Guidance and Counseling Department to conduct Enrichment Seminar/Workshop that focus on study habits, time management, stress management and preparation to world-of-work.