MAJOR (the following but not limited to:)

  • Creates policies concerning student discipline and security;
  • Maintains peace and order in the Institution;
  • Provides documents such as Moral Certificates and Recommendation Letters;
  • Coordinates with the Chief-of-Security in the implementation of school policies, rules and regulations;
  • Acts as custodian of all surrendered lost and found items;
  • Promotes and supervises student discipline through implementation of the provisions in the Institutional Student Handbook;
  • Apprehends and issues violation slip to students caught or suspected of violating school rules and regulations;
  • Maintains record of all offenses or violations of students;
  • Networks with offices and units of the Institution regarding student discipline and decorum;
  • Prepares and submits incident report and/or complaints of the cases to the concerned College Deans, copy furnished the Dean of The Student Affairs;
  • Participates in the policy-making and decision-making pertaining to student discipline;
  • Acts as conflict managers between two complaining parties;
  • Monitors activities of the students/ groups in the campus; and
  • Monitors attendance of sanctioned students in the community service during the period of suspension.


MINOR (the following but not limited to:)

  • Provides discipline orientation and lectures to students; and
  • Participates in research or study in the improvement of student discipline.