Student Health and Safety Department

The logo of Student Health and Safety Department is mainly based on a full-grown tree which represents life and a strong community.


The trunk in brown color represents health and safety as a foundation and support with great sense of duty and responsibility. Optimum health and safety is the main goal of the Student Health and Safety Department to a better Lasallian community.


The branches represent coordination and communication with different channels within the DLSMHSI community that the Student Health and Safety Department utilizes in the deliverance of quality health and safety services.


The leaves are basically hand images with varying shades of green that made the crown of the tree. It represents the DLSMHSI students’ community across all Colleges and the Special Health Sciences Senior High School as the main recipient of Student Health and Safety Department’s quality services.


The Student Affairs, through its Head for Student Health and Safety Department, oversees the delivery of health services to students and ensures that the school environment is generally safe. Medical health services can be availed in the school clinic that is manned by a school physician and nurse.