MAJOR (the following but not limited to:)

  • Provides Medical Consultation, Check-up, and Referral for Enrolled Students of DLSMHSI (following CMO #9, s. 2013);
  • Provides Medical Clearance for Students who will participate in any in-campus and off-campus activities through Student Activity Form & OFFyouGOForm/OFFyouGOHigh, respectively. (following DepEd Order #66, s. 2017 and CMO #63, s. 2017);
  • Provides and verifies issued Medical Certifications prior admission and re-admission to classes;
  • Implements Pre-Participation Medical Evaluation for Aspiring Student-Athletes through iTRY Form;
  • Conducts Random Drug Testing for Senior High School, Collegiate, and Graduate School following (following DepEd Order #40, s. 2017 and CMO #18, s. 2018);
  • Provides Dental Consultation, Check-up, and Referral fro Enrolled Students of DLSMHSI;
  • Provides Medical Coverage (first aid) during Institutional; Collegiate; and Society events we belong;
  • Conducts Health Education through Seminars and Symposia;
  • Provides Medical Assistance during In-House (internal) student activities and Off-Campus ( external ) Field Trips and Educational Tours may it be curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular type;
  • Assists Student-Patients in accomplishing requirements of Malayan Insurance for students who incurred injury during a school-sanctioned engagement;
  • Coordinates with colleges who acknowledge School Clinics as extension services during Internship and the likes; and
  • Coordinates and activates triaging & referral system with DLSUMC-MAC, DLSUMC-ER, DLSUMC-Industrial Clinic; DLSUMC- Adult Immunization Unit; and DLSMHCI-AKMRC-Drug Testing Department in maintaining well-being of applicants, incoming, transferring and returning students of DLSMHSI.

MINOR (the following but not limited to:)

  • Conducts Risk Assessment Screening (Identification of hazards in the workplace/ classrooms);
  • Implements Food Concessionaire Assessment;
  • Allows as source and resource of health data for as long as guided by ethical standards and data privacy policy of DLSMHSI;
  • Conducts Laboratory User Assessment, Advising, and Approval; and
  • Mandates Preventive interventions to avoid Domestic/Stray Animal-related injuries and infections.

Functions of School Clinics

  • The DLSMHSI- Student Health and Safety Department Chair through our School Doctors; School Psychiatrist; School Nurses; and rotating School Clinic Interns, here are the different roles and responsibilities undertaken by the School Clinic; all but not limited to:
    • Provides emergency and non-emergency management for ill/injured student-patients;
    • Refers student-patients to DLSUMC-ER though triaging system for critically ill and/or student-patients who require laboratory work-ups and interventions that may not be provided by the School Clinics;
    • Refers student-patients to private practitioner (external or internal [DLSUMC-ER] through referral system for a more exacting health evaluation and procedure;
    • Coordinates with DLSUMC-Industrial Clinic, Adult Immunization Unit, LASO, and CMIT in the conduct of Annual Medical Examination for applicants, incoming, transferring and returning students of DLSMHSI;
    • Aim to monitor and control spread of communicable diseases;
    • Serves as source of resource and resource of ancillary medical supplies and medications for non-specific health disease and conditions;
    • Secures Health Records of Students with full confidentiality and following the guidelines of DLSMHSI-Data Privacy Policy set by DLSMHSI-Data Policy Officer;
    • Ensures the proper handling of the clinic’s equipment and supplies and maintains accuracy of the stock/ equipment inventories;
    • Provide Health Education in variety health care topics; and
    • Updates Student Health and Safety Departmental Bulletin Board for dissemination of health announcements and health education.


Main School Clinic Wang Building,

Room 8001, basement



Mondays thru Fridays

8:00AM – 6:00PM


8:00AM – 12:00NN

Satellite School Clinic Lourdes Campos MD Building,

Room 5114, ground floor


School Dentist DLSUMC – Medical Arts Center 4404 Mondays thru Fridays

9:00AM – 3:00PM