Student Wellness and Guidance and Counseling Department

The Green Circular Enclosure – This represents the Lasallian Community which the SWGCD belongs.  It also depicts the interrupted service for the wellbeing of          the Lasallian students.

The Shield – It represents protection from a danger, risk, or unpleasant experience.   It also             connotes privacy and confidentiality in the services that SWGCD renders to the Lasallian        students. Lastly the shield signifies that the SWGCD is under The Student Affairs because        the shield is one of the significant parts of the TSA logo.

The Lasallian Star – It is the sign of faith and is the symbol of De La Salle brothers (Fraternum        Scholarum Christianarum). The star also symbolizes the holistic wellbeing of the Lasallian         student, which means practical approach to a comprehensive learning system where          physical, social, emotional, mind and spiritual growth of a Lasallian student is taken cared by the SWGCD.

The Human Figure Reaching the Star – It represent every Lasallian student under the care of the     SWGCD.

The Two Human Figures Below the Student – They represent the Guidance Counselor (SWGCD)   and their partners (Parents, Faculty and Administration) with their collaboration effort to          assist, help and push the Lasallian Student reach their goal which is their Holistic         Wellbeing.

The Student Wellness and Guidance & Counseling Department (SWGCD) is an integral department of The Student Affairs. It recognizes and strengthens the student‘s total formation and development by helping them to become committed achievers and healers for God and country.

The program is based on the belief that every student is of value, unique and has the right to optimum development. Thus, considering every student a success.


  • Gospel values of Religio, Mores and Cultura and charisms of St. John Baptist De La Salle;
  • Is the personalized component of The Student Affairs;
  • Facilitates the students’ total formation and development to become committed achievers and healers of God and country;
  • Program–based on the belief that every student is of value, unique, and has a right to optimum development; and
  • The thrust of the SWGCD is geared toward preparing the students to the world-of-work, helping them to have best employment options and decisions thus, finally come up with a fulfilling and rewarding career, holding on to the premise that, every student a success.