To assist individual student in appreciating and actualizing student’s skills and potentialities to the fullest through understanding and accepting one’s uniqueness, strengths, limitations, vital needs and concerns. Likewise helping students’ excel in the future career and profession.


  • To identify the individual needs and problems;
  • To give the students better understanding of their abilities, skills, strengths, potentials as well as to compensate their weaknesses;
  • To contribute to the development of emotional, social, psychological and educational growth of students;
  • To help them come up with best answer on their problems, needs and concerns and gain better adjustment; and.
  • To guide, motivate, empower and equip students to achieve maximum educational and career potential.

  Faculty and Administrator

  • To establish healthy and efficient working relationship with the school community in order to render the objectives and purposes of the guidance program;
  • To assist the school in developing the program to meet the specific and general needs of students;
  • To give them better understanding of the students’ personality and emotional intelligence (emotion at work); and
  • To assist students in meeting problems on adjustment.


  • To establish helping relationship and trust between counselor and parents in understanding the underlying causes of undesirable behavior.