Center for Academic Health Sciences Research


The Center for Academic Health Sciences Research (CAHSR) was formerly known as Health Allied Research Unit (HARU) and was established since 2002. The Center is under the leadership of the Research Administration and Development of the Research Division of De La Salle Medical & Health Sciences Institute (DLSMHSI). It is the research arm of the undergraduate Faculty Members, Academic Support Personnel (ASP), and DLSUMC Staff of DLSMHSI.

The center is headed by the Associate Director Reynaldo G. Cruz, MSPT, DPT, PTRP, ACE-CPT. It has two sections: the Allied Health Research Section and the Technical Review Committee.   The CASHR Administrative Assistant, Jhoanna B. Peña provides technical and admin support to the Center and its researchers.

The CAHSR Council members are the representatives of the 6 colleges, Special Health Sciences High School, ASP, and DLSUMC professional staff which are the following:

  • The six (6) undergraduate colleges which is composed of:
    • College of Humanities & Sciences (CHS),
    • College of Medical Laboratory Science (CMLS),
    • College of Medical & Imaging Therapy (CMIT),
    • College of Nursing (CN),
    • College of Pharmacy (CP), and
    • College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS).
  • Special Health Sciences High School (SHSHS)
  • The Academic Support Personnel (ASP) is comprised of the professional staff from various academic sectors, such as:
    • Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library Services,
    • Guidance and Counseling Office,
    • Comprehensive Community Health Training Program (CCHTP), and
  • The De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC) professional staffs from:
    • Nursing Service Department (NSD), and
    • Quality Assurance (QA) group of the hospital.

Presently, the CAHSR council members are the representatives of the 6 colleges, ASP, and DLSUMC are as follows:

  1. Nedrick T. Distor, RCh (CHS)
  2. Alvin D. Crudo, RRT, EdD (CMIT)
  3. Jion P. Dimson, RMT (CMLS)
  4. Daisy H. Alberto, RN, MAN, PhD (CN)
  5. Alely S. Reyes, RN, MAN, PhD (CN-Graduate Studies)
  6. Timothy Jay L. Bengala, RPh (CP)
  7. Cattleya Marie R.  Bragado, PTRP (PT-CRS)
  8. Louise Odeth O. Leosala, OTRP (OT-CRS)
  9. Pancho E. Ercilla, Msc (SHSHS)
  10. Zipporah M. Dery, MLIS (RPA. MD Library)
  11. Jomar K. Madlansacay, MDC (CCHTP)
  12. Leila J. Morte, RN (DLSUMC)