Center for Biopharmaceutical Research

The Center for Biopharmaceutical Research (CBR) was established to support the government’s National Drug Policy, in particular, to provide Quality Assurance by showing bioequivalence of locally manufactured pharmaceutical products with innovator drugs. Instituted in 1997, it was originally a collaborative project of the Department of Pharmacology of the DLSMHSI College of Medicine, Novartis Inc., and the then Bureau of Food and Drugs (now Food and Drug Administration).

Today, the Center is the go-to in establishing the bioequivalence of locally made generic drugs, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of these drugs which are more accessible to the Filipino public. The Center was the first to be accredited by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, in recognition of its excellent clinical procedures which are at par with the best in the country and performed under Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and consistent with Good Laboratory Procedures (GLP). Using state of the art High Performance Liquid Chromatography equipment and assay procedures developed internally by highly trained analysts, the Center has evaluated several anti-tuberculosis drugs and an oral hypoglycemic agent in its initial stages.

Linkages with other organizations like the Philippine Analytical Laboratories, Inc., has enable the CBR to acquire additional prime grade analytical equipment such as Water Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrophotometry and others which allows the Center to conduct Drug Assays, Potency Evaluation, Toxicological Assays, Drug Level Monitoring and Confirmatory Testing of Positive Drug Tests.

With our expanded the number of beds and acquisition of new clinical and laboratory equipment such as pulseoximeters, ECG machine, and a UV/Vis spectrophotometer capable of analyzing smaller sample or nano-drop capability, HPLC, dissolution and disintegration testing machines, autoclaves, refrigerated centrifuges, and others, the Center is poised to provide critical support to the research initiatives of DLSMHSI and its partner institutions.