Center for Tuberculosis Research

Center for Tuberculosis Research


A state of the art DOTS facility with world-class research and clinical services


  • Implement DOTS
  • Develop health care providers with knowledge and skill on TB DOTS Strategy
  • Offer quality research and DOTS services to all clients with respect and confidentiality
  • Train leaders in the advocacy against TB
  • Sustain and strengthen the Public Private MIX TB DOTS initiatives


DOTS center is here to serve you with

  • Service oriented, community-based initiatives
  • Empowered and skilled DOTS staff
  • Reachable and client friendly facility
  • Vital programs to strengthen the PPMD strategy
  • Efficient and excellent DOTS service and referral system

DLSMHSI’s Center for Tuberculosis Research was formed in July 2002 during the development of the Government-Private Sector DOTS partnership model in response to the growing need for an effective referral system between the two sectors in the country’s efforts to combat tuberculosis.

Since then, the Center has become the frontrunner in the country not only in implementing DOTS but also in advocating for many initiatives against TB, particularly in research.


2016 and beyond Engagement with TB-FIT, COACHTB, NIH projects and other innovative TB projects

2012-Present Engagement with Clinical Trials on new Anti-TB drugs like OTSUKA and Janssen Project

2011 Site for the POC Breath Biomarkers Study for Mensanna Research Laboratory

2009-Present Expansion of DOTS Services to DRTB DOTS and laboratory Services through Phase 1 of GF-ATM Project

2006-2008 Supported the PPMD expansion in the country

2004 Mensanna Research on Breath Biomarkers

2003-2004 Engaged in International research funded by NIH

2002 TB Research Unit was created and PPMD Models were developed and supported by CDC-USAID

2001 DLSMHSI joined the “Kusong Baga” Project World Vision-CIDA