Apheresis Platelet Donation

June 18, 2020 | 10:53 am

What is Apheresis Platelet Donation?

It is a type of blood donation done using an Apheresis machine. The machine separates blood components from the blood leaving the platelets behind and the rest of the blood returns to the donor.

A complete platelet donation can provide enough units of platelets that usually can be collected in 6-8 bags of whole blood donation.


Why are platelets important?

Platelets are an integral factor in blood clotting. It is regularly needed in support for the treatments of cancer, surgeries, transplants and bleeding disorders.


How can our Blood Bank help you?

DLSUMC Blood Bank is the only facility in Cavite that has an apheresis machine capable of the following:

  • Platelet Apheresis
  • Plasma Apheresis
  • Other Uses
    • Therapeutic
      • Plasma Exchange
      • RBC Exchange
      • RBC and WBC or Platelet Depletion
      • Plasma Treatment
    • Stem Cell Collection
      • Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow
      • Lymphocyte
      • Granulocytes
      • Mononuclear Cells
      • Donor Lymphocyte Infusion

Call our Blood Bank to know more about Apheresis at (046)481-8000 or (02) 8988-3100 local 1197.



  1. UCLA Blood and Platelet Center
  2. American Red Cross
  3. DLSUMC Apheresis Brochure



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