10 for 10: 10 Tips for the 10th Month of Quarantine

December 29, 2020 | 3:16 pm

It has been 10 months since the Filipino child’s life was drastically upended by COVID-19, and what a journey it has been and continually so. Afterall, the two main sources of a child’s social interaction, cognitive development and emotional wellbeing – that of their immediate neighborhood and school – have been taken away from their lives. Having endured the longest quarantine ever imposed on a society in the entire world, we admire and celebrate but will not romanticize the resilience of the Filipino child and his family.

A fitting tribute therefore is long overdue and the Section of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics of the DLSUMC would like to present 10 valuable tips to help and guide the Filipino family to better adapt to the “new normal” raising physically and mentally well kids.

Dr. Joel D. Lazaro
Dr. Ma. Rochelle B. Pacifico
Dr. Genalyn D. Aguila
Dr. Kristyn A. Yatco
Dr. Hazel Gertrude M. Reyes
Dr. Marichelle R. Sanchez
Dr. Fidmelson M. Santos
Dr. Ma. Priscilla Elena B. Pacifico
Dr. Stephanie Anne S. De Leon

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