Autism Consciousness Week: Pilipinong may Autismo: Kakaiba, Kasali, Konektado!

January 20, 2021 | 10:36 am

As we celebrate the 25th National Autism Consciousness Week from January 18-24, we see the juxtaposition with regards to peoples’ awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

While there is so much curiosity and interest about autism these days, there are also a lot of misinformation about the disorder that whatever idea one may have about it will probably be not accurate.

Therein lies the potential source of false assumptions, wrong and unrealistic expectations, and even unjust opinions.

The DLSUMC Neurodevelopmental Center and the DLSUMC Department of Pediatrics prepared the following infographics to present the early signs and symptoms of autism and debunk common myths, misconceptions, suspected reasons behind the rising occurrences, and inaccurate assumptions about outcomes and future prognosis of the disorder.

We hope you can help us build a community that is compassionate, sensitive and respectful to people with ASD. Let us welcome them into our world – into our friendships, neighborhoods, schools, playground/recreational facilities, places of worship and even the workplace.

Dr. Joel D. Lazaro
Dr. Ma. Rochelle B. Pacifico
Dr. Genalyn D. Aguila
Dr. Kristyn A. Yatco
Dr. Hazel Gertrude M. Reyes
Dr. Marichelle R. Sanchez
Dr. Fidmelson M. Santos
Dr. Ma. Priscilla Elena B. Pacifico
Dr. Stephanie Anne S. De Leon

For more information and further inquiries, you may contact:
0999 344 0039 or dlsumcdevpeds@gmail.com for Developmental Screening and Assessment
0906 583 8540, (046) 481 8000 local 1372, or neurodev@dlshsi.edu.ph
for Therapy Sessions and SPED Tutorials


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