DLSUMC is safe and ready for the ‘NEW NORMAL’

May 28, 2020 | 9:19 am


  • Patients, visitors and employees are screened in all hospital entrances for COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, upon entrance.

‘No Mask, No Face Shield, No Entry’ Policy

  • Everyone is required to wear face masks and full-face shields before entering the hospital and while inside hospital premises.

Social Distancing (Physical Distancing)

  • A person should be at least three (3) feet or one (1) meter away from another person.
  • Only four (4) persons are allowed per elevator ride.
  • Some chairs in the waiting areas are marked to refrain people from sitting too close to one another.

Wearing of Appropriate PPEs

  • All healthcare workers use area- and activity-appropriate PPEs properly and consistently.

Consultation area for patients with illnesses unrelated to COVID-19

  • A separate facility called the DLSUMC URGENT CARE CLINICS has been set up for charity outpatients (OPD) and patients from the emergency room who have illnesses or injuries that are not associated with COVID-19.

Medical Consultations

  • Doctors are advised to schedule clinic appointments to limit the number of persons in the hospital.
  • If the patient needs to be accompanied and assisted, companions must be limited to one (1) per patient.
  • Doctor and secretary should always wear face shield/ goggles and face mask.

Diagnostic Imaging

  • Imaging appointments have been regulated to avoid schedule overlap and limit the number of persons in the waiting areas.

**Appointments are needed for CT-Scan, DXA, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and Ultrasound outpatients only.

Designated COVID-19 units

  • DLSUMC has designated units for COVID-19 inpatients, separate from non-COVID-19 patients.

Disinfection of medical equipment

  • All medical equipment like stethoscope and BP apparatus are properly disinfected after every patient use.

Cleaning and disinfection of facilities

  • The medical center, especially the high-touch areas, is regularly and frequently cleaned and disinfected.

DLSUMC values your health and safety.

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