History of Alumni Relations


De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute initiated its thrust to officially declare its support for the Alumni stakeholders way back during the creation of autonomous and organized Alumni Association Chapters independently run by the Medicine graduates, Nursing and Midwifery graduates, Radiologic Technology graduates, and Physical Therapy graduates.

The administration of the Academics Division under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramona Luisa Pablo-Santos in 2008 then put into place the opening of the Alumni Relations and Assistance Office (ARAO) which was created to promote the common thrust of servicing the Alumni group headed (in concurrent position as Medicine Alumni Association Chapter President) by its Director –Dr. Deogracias Panganiban (2008-2015). Concurrently, the services of the Institute of Continuing Education for the Health Professions (ICEHP) was also opened and run as a separate unit focused on offering programs for professional (2008-2015) under the leadership of its Director – Dr. Shirard Leonard Adiviso.

In June of 2015, the ARAO leadership was succeeded by Director – Dr. Ma. Cecilia Licuan while the ICEHP leadership was continued by Director Adiviso. Dr. Panganiban continued his services as Ad hoc President of the newly consolidated, unified, and autonomous De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Alumni Association and as President of the Medicine Alumni Sub-chapter.

In June of 2016, under the leadership of the new Vice Chancellor for the Academics Division -Dr. Juanito Cabanias, a merger of function for the ARAO and ICEHP was mandated and approved by the higher administration whereby the name was changed to Alumni Services and Continuing Professional Education Office (ASCPEO) under the leadership of its Director -Dr. Ma. Cecilia Licuan (2016-2018), one of her significant contributions was to create Alumni In-residence Real-Time Exit Interview and portal online. Likewise, provision of Alumni pre-employment services, and also a proponent of Alumni Tracer Study- Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Currently, the ASCPEO was unmerged and changed the name to Alumni Relations, and continued the management by Director -Dr. Anali Gloria-Tangog is under the service of the Lasallian Mission, Linkages and Advancement Office, while the Continuing Professional Education Office (CPEO) is still under the service of the Academics Office.