A Big Thank You

June 21, 2019 | 1:42 pm

DLSMHSI feted this year’s batch of retirees in a ceremony that expressed the gratitude of an institution for their years of meritorious and committed service. And it was truly befitting this group, after all, most of them have spent at least half of their professional lives contributing to the fulfillment of DLSMHSI’s vision and mission.

Below are this year’s batch of retirees:
• Luciana Mantele De Jesus (TB Bab)
• Florencia Hembrador Almario (OR)
• Susana Griño (RPAMD AFSC Library)
• Yolanda Frani Ilano (NSD)
• Nicanor Benipayo Cahinusayan (FCD)
• Elvira Bautista Villanueva (General Services – Medical Records)
• Diosita Olaes Algara (General Services – Linen)
• Estelita Rentoy Garcia (HRMD)
• Victor Quevedo Alabastro (College of Medicine)
• Roberto Espos Jr. (College of Medicine)
• Sandra Silva Litao (College of Medicine)
• Bonifacia Erlinda Fresco Leyran (College of Nursing)
• Manuel Orbon (Pharmacy)

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