DLSMHSI collaborates with UK’s InHealth Ltd for scholarship to employment initiatives

November 28, 2022 | 1:15 pm

De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute has agreed to collaborate with the United Kingdom’s InHealth Ltd, the largest independent specialist provider of health diagnostics and screening services in the United Kingdom. The agreement of collaboration is an outcome of initial discussions between InHealth and DLSMHSI’s College of Medical Imaging and Therapy (CMIT) and the De La Salle University Medical Center Department of Radiology on the possibilities of a partnership between the two institutions that will provide the following:


  • Scholarships for BS Radiologic Technology and BS Nuclear Medicine Technology students
  • Pre-graduate tailored training programs
  • Post-graduate certification programs
  • Exchange of academic/modular materials and other competency programs
  • Hospital affiliation projects
  • Equipment support


The potential partnership will also help DLSUMC recruit and retain Radiologic Technology personnel for a guaranteed period before their deployment to the UK through a scholarship-to-employment program that is envisioned to be part of the eventual final agreement.

The letter of collaboration was signed by InHealth’s Chief People Officer, Amelia Staniland, PhD and Head of International Recruitment Matthew Smith; and DLSMHSI’s Dean of the College of Medical Imaging and Therapy Cheyen Molon, RRT, PhD and DLSUMC Department of Radiology Chief Radiologist, Dr. Asela B. Barroso, FPCR, FCT-MRISP, FPSNM, CCD.


Also present during the collaborative discussion was InHealth’s CEO Geoff Searle and International Recruitment Associate Zhareen Flordeliza-Smith; DLSMHSI’s Vice Chancellor for Hospital Services Dr. Roberto Espos, Department of Radiology’s Section Head of CT-MRI Dr. Mateo T. Ilano, CMIT’s Professor Susan Olavidez, and Director for Institutional Marketing Communications, Haydee Abayan-Sy.