Discharge Procedure


  • Processing of discharge is from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
  • Final bill has to be settled on or before 1:00 PM.

Note: Discharge beyond 1:00 PM may pose additional charges.

  • All payments, including doctor’s professional fees, shall be made ONLY at the Hospital Cashier.


  1. Patients will be informed by their respective nurses-in-charge once their attending physician finalizes the discharge order.
  • 2A.  For patients with no PhilHealth and HMO card, proceed to Step 3.
  • 2B.  For patients with PhilHealth, please proceed to Claims Section (G/F, MAC) for benefit computation.

    Kindly submit the following requirements:

    • 2B.1  For patients who have undergone a certain operation, get a copy of Records of Operation

      from the nurse-in-charge and submit it together with other requirements.

    • 2B.2  For patients who have undergone delivery either via cesarean section or normal spontaneous

      delivery, get the PhilHealth form (CF3) and Delivery Room Record from the nurse-in-charge.

  • 2C.  For patients with health cards, submit the Letter of Authorization (LOA) to the

    Billing Section (G/F, MAC), if not yet secured since admission.

  1. Proceed to Billing Section for the final billing statement.

    Note: To avail of the senior citizen discount, patient should present his/her ID card. To avail of PWD discount, present the PWD ID for verification of validity.

  2. Proceed to Hospital Cashier (G/F, MAC) for payment of hospital bills. A clearance slip will be issued by the cashier once bills are settled.
  3. Give the white clearance to the nurse-in-charge.
  4. Get the Discharge Instruction Form and prescribed home medication from the nurse and fill out the Patients’ Feedback Form.
  5. Nurse-in-charge/nursing auxiliary will accompany the patient to the lobby.
  6. Give the pink and the blue clearance to security guard-on-duty upon exit.

Last edited on January 10, 2022