Discharge Procedure

Discharge Reminder: The processing of discharge 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    1. Obtain from the Nurse-in-Charge the discharge order of the doctor.
        1. Get a copy of the Medical Abstract from the nurse-in-charge at the nurse’s station.
        2. Request for a duplicate copy of laboratory and diagnostic exam results from the nurse-in-charge at the nurse’s station.
        3. Secure a Letter of Authorization (LOA) a day after admission from your card coordinator.
        4. For elective cases or scheduled operation or procedure, Letter of Authorization (LOA) is needed upon admission.For patients without PhilHealth and HMO card, proceed to Step 4.B. For patients with HMO (health card), submit the following requirements to the Billing Section.
        5. For patients with PhilHealth, get the PhilHealth Form (CF3) Medical Central from the nurse-in-charge. Note: For patients who have undergone certain operation, get the duplicate copy of duly signed Record of operation and Anesthesia Chart from the nurse-in-charge.
    2. Proceed to DLSUMC PhilHealth office and submit the requirements.
    3. Proceed to Billing Section for the final billing statement then proceed to Cashier for payment. Note: Senior Citizen patients should present the Senior Citizen ID card to the Billing Section.
    4. Give the white clearance to the nurse-in-charge.
    5. Get the Discharge Instruction Form and prescribed home medications from the nurse and fill-out the Patient’s Feedback Form.
    6. Nurse-in-charge/Nursing Auxiliary accompanies patient to the lobby.
    7. Give the pink clearance to Information Section and the blue clearance to the security guard-on-duty.