De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute or DLSMHSI is a premier higher education institution committed to teaching and forming future medical and health sciences professionals who will have the commitment and dedication to become catalysts of the spiritual, social, and economic transformation of our country. DLSMHSI is part of De La Salle Philippines, the network of schools in the Philippines which are managed by the De La Salle Brothers.

DLSMHSI offers undergraduate academic degree programs in Doctor of Dental Medicine (Dentistry), Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Life and Health Sciences major in Human Biology, major in Microbiology and major in Biotechnology, Clinical Psychology, Medical Laboratory Science (MedTech), Molecular Diagnostics, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Speech and Language Pathology. We also offer post-graduate programs such as Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences by Research, Master of Arts in Nursing, and Master in Public Health and a basic education program under the Special Health Sciences Senior High School (Grades 11-12) curriculum.

De La Salle University Medical Center, the largest tertiary hospital in Southern Luzon, is committed to providing quality, holistic, compassionate, and patient-centred medical care and services. It holds distinction as the first hospital in the Philippines to be awarded an ISO certification for its quality management program.

De La Salle Angelo King Medical Research Center

The De La Salle Angelo King Medical Research Center (DLSAKMRC) is DLSMHSI's ground zero for medical and health research. It produces groundbreaking researches that aim to offer solutions to national health concerns such as TB, dengue, cancer, and other health issues. It has a Level 3 accreditation from the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board, the highest accreditation level that the PHREB grants to Research Ethics Committees in research institutions, which enables it to conduct studies for Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) registration of food, drugs, and devices. It also advocates for the integration of evidence-based complementary and integrative medicine in health care.

Lasallian Mission

As a La Salle school, DLSMHSI is committed to pursue the Lasallian mission in the Philippines by providing accessible quality education to the youth, especially those at risk, and promoting peace and justice through scholarships, formation, and social action programs. With the De La Salle University Medical Center, DLSMHSI also has a unique opportunity in the Lasallian family to provide much-needed medical care, especially for the poor.


Careers @ DLSMHSI

Learn what it is like to work for De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, and be part of the Lasallian family.