The Student Affairs

De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute offers a comprehensive student services program that offers students guidance and development, health and safety, student discipline and security, through various offices under the Dean of Student Affairs.

The logo of the TSA has the following parts and interpretations:

SHIELD In the metaphorical language of the Bible, the SHIELD generally represents the protection of God. It also conveys safeguarding and protection offered by The Student Affairs such as Security, Discipline, Health, Safety, Guidance, Gender-issues, Social Responsibility, Student Governance, and Multicultural Diversity.
THE TOP HORIZONTAL BAR It underscores the name of the Institution easily recognized as LA SALLE-brand, to either in-campus or off-campus representation.
THE APPOSING TWO LIMBS OF THE SHIELD’S APEX POINTING TO A COMMON DIRECTION It pertains to single direction, force movement, moving towards single goal with courage as one moves forward.
ENTWINED DIFFERENT SIZED-CIRCLES Collectively represents interdependence of different energies coming from 7 Colleges and 1 Senior High School towards a single goal while espousing Lasallian Core Values. To include sneaky hidden letters of “T”, “S”, and “A”.
SPACE/PANE INSIDE THE SHIELD It represents opportunity, area of growth, additional college courses, and probable space for auxiliary services the TSA could offer.
THE TWO (2) FRONDS OF LAUREL The two (2) twigs of laurel are the Gloria Et Honor Laurel (from DLSU). They signify espousing purpose of holistic education and symbolize inspiration for quality education offered by La Salle schools.

A symbol of victory or triumph in the hearts of true Lasallians, guided by virtues and core values.

THE LASALLIAN STAR It is the sign of faith and is the symbol of De La Salle brothers (Fraternum Scholarum Christianarum)
RING (BROADER CIRCLE) Uninterrupted service to students, may it be curricular, extracurricular, and para (co)-curricular.
DOMINANTLY GREEN AND WHITE “Green and White” which originated from the national colors of Ireland, (the “Emerald Isles” where the founding fathers of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines came from) and, of course, the Philippines (“Pearl of the Orient Seas”, that is “pearly white”) from DLSU