SY 2023-2024



President Antonio B. Ramos, MD, FPCS, FPATACSI, MBA
Director, Strategic Management Office Br. Lawrence Aikee R. Esmeli FSC
Director, Institutional Quality Management Office Carmi P. Anahaw


Chancellor Ferdinand L. Berba
Director, Institutional Communications and Marketing Office Maria Fe N. Callejas, MBA
Director, Legal and Compliance Department Alexander B. Rodriguez, CPA, DPO-ACE1
Director, Internal Audit Department Mark Girard N. Guillermo, CPA
Director, Center for Intellectual Property Madelyn A. Gabrieles, MSPT, PTRP, CNMT
Officer-in-Charge, Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Engr. Lowell D. Lee


Vice Chancellor for Academics Naomi M. De Aro, RN, MAN, EdD
Dean, College of Allied Sciences Tabitha L. Amora, RCh, PhD
Dean, College of Dentistry Mariano T. Maglutac, Jr., DMD, MHA
Dean, College of Medical Imaging and Therapy Cheyen E. Molon, RRT, PhD
Dean, College of Medical Laboratory Science Rolando M. Reyes, MD, MHPEd, FPCS, FPSGS, FPALES
Dean, College of Medicine Jaime L. Pacifico, MD, FPCP, FPCC, MHPEd, MMHoA, PhD
Dean, College of Nursing Monina G. Dimas, RN, MAN
Dean, College of Pharmacy Louie Fernand D. Legaspi, RPh, MHSS
Dean, College of Rehabilitation Sciences Ma. Cecilia D. Licuan, PTRP, LPT, PhD
Dean, The Student Affairs Billy Jay N. Pedron,  PTRP, MSHSM, PhD
Director, Center for Community Development and Service-Learning Julieta M. Damian, RN, MSN
Director, Center for Educational Effectiveness and Accreditation Reynaldo G. Cruz, PTRP, MSPT, DPT
Director, Center for Humanities and Social Sciences Josephine G. Vigilia, LPT, PhD
Director, Center for Innovative Education and Technology Integration Marlon G. Gado, RL, MLIS
Director, Center for Inter-Professional Education and Practice Reeva Ann L. Sumulong, RPh, LPT, MS
Director, Romeo P. Ariniego, MD, AFSC Library Zipporah M. Dery-Cruz, RL, MLIS
Director, Special Health Sciences Senior High School Jose Isaak M. Calamlam, MA, LPT
Registrar Jose Antonio P. Amistad, MD, FPSA, CSCA


Chief Administrative Officer Ferdinand L. Berba
Director, General Services James A. Antonio
Director, Human Resource Management Janet L. Manalo, MAEd, CPHR
Director, Information and Communication Technology Emilia D. Cabantog


Chief Finance Officer Arlene C. Lacorte, CPA
Director, Finance and Controllership Department Nelia A. Pantilanan, CPA


(De La Salle University Medical Center)

Vice Chancellor for Hospital Operations Conrado P. Crisostomo, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG, MHSA
Director for Centers of Excellence Martin Eugene Anthony S. Luna, MD, FPCEM
Director for Hospital Support Services Gary N. Carlos, MD, FPCP, FPCCP
Director for Nursing Service Sr. Marvelyn M. Aquino, SPC, MAN, MHA
Medical Director Ardith B. Dominguez-Tan, MD, FPCP, FPCC, FPSE


Vice Chancellor Maria Cecilia Tiongson-Tirona, MHPEd
Director, Center for Alumni Relations and Engagement Julius Ceazar H. Reyes, MD, FPSA
Director, Center for Internationalization, Academic Affiliations and Engagements Clarence Witty Mendoza, RMT, MSMT
Director, De La Salle Brothers’ Vocation Promotion Br. Lawrence Aikee Esmeli FSC
Director, Institutional Campus Ministry and Pastoral Care Rolly J. Capistrano, MBM, MSCS
Director, Institutional Sports and Performing Arts Philip Paulo D. Belen
Director, Lasallian Formation and Social Action Lorenzo Alvin T. Capio, PhD


(Angelo King Medical Research Center)

Vice Chancellor Susan A. Olavidez, RRT, EdD
Director for Grants Acquisition and Management Genevieve V. Bayas
Director for Research Administration and Compliance Sigfredo V. Mata, RPh
Director for Research Support and Development Carlos C. Musca, DPT, PTRP, MHSS