The Center for Inter-professional Education and Practice is tasked to plan and develop IPE programs and trainings responsive to the needs of the health care professionals and enhance 21st century skills to prepare them to become collaborative practice-ready professionals; disseminate IPE program plans and initiatives to the different colleges and offices to create a unified approach in the implementation of IPE; and lastly, facilitate evaluation of IPE curriculum and programs to determine impact and effectiveness and diagnose areas for improvements. The initiatives of CIPEP will be directed towards instruction to provide uniform understanding of IPE and its principles and to strengthen curricular contents related to IPE; research to encourage faculty members and students to engage in studies related to IPE and collaborative practice; and networking to establish both local and global partnerships with organizations and institutions to promote IPE in the educational and health care settings. Lastly, initiatives in IPE by the center can be applied and reflected in curricular programs through a common IPE curriculum and in co-curricular and community extension programs such as patient simulation cases and community service requirements as well as inter-college competitions showcasing IPE competencies.