Description of the Logo

Through its work, Academic Quality Management shares and supports DLSMHSI’s commitment and dedication to provide the highest academic quality which is amply showcased in each of the elements in its logo. Echoing and further emphasizing this sentient are the golden laurel leaves embracing the lower half of the globe. Both the color and the leaves signify victory and success both achieved through a tireless striving for excellence. The Lasallian star placed before the globe at the center of the logo is to showcase the extensive scope of DLSMHSI’s drive for superior academic quality. By establishing and safeguarding effective quality assurance procedures, DLSMHSI is given better opportunities in further distinguishing itself as a center of academic excellence at par with other renowned institutions of higher education both here and abroad.

AQM hopes that in its focus on the scrutiny and refinement of processes it could instill a culture of excellence evident in all its endeavors. AQM hopes to be the advocate for the promulgation of this culture ensuring effective implementation and sustainability.