Description of the Logo

The logo is dominantly green which is the Lasallian color in the Philippines. As the color of life, it also symbolizes that the College espouses Lasallians – its faculty, students and other stakeholders – as Nurturers of Life.

The center of the logo uses the color yellow (used in the ionizing radiation symbol) that symbolizes the field of radiologic sciences.

In the center can be found a trefoil-like symbol for ionizing radiation representing the different programs that the College is offering and also its mission. The left blade depicts a symbol for the imaging and the right blade depicts a symbol for therapy.

The lower part completes the lower blade of the trefoil symbol, which also symbolizes the College’s mission of offering quality Lasallian education guided by the values of St. John Baptist de La Salle. The open book, where the College’s stakeholders are standing, symbolizes the knowledge, which is the foundation of the College’s mission to become the premium choice for radiologic sciences education. This mission is guided by the values of Spirit of Faith, Communion in Mission, Zeal for Service and Reverence for life and is symbolized by the Lasallian star providing the guiding light for the College’s mission.