Transforming Education, Enriching Lives

Welcome to the Center for Educational Effectiveness and Accreditation (CEEA) at De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute—a dedicated force shaping the future of medical and allied health sciences education.

At CEEA, we embody the Lasallian values—spirit of faith, zeal for service, communion in mission, and reverence for life. Our unwavering commitment is to be a catalyst for positive change towards becoming the preferred institution for medical and allied health education.

Elevating Educational Excellence

  • Quality Assurance Advocates: We actively champion and implement quality assurance measures, enriching the educational experience for students, faculty, and staff. Through meticulous data analysis, benchmarking, and best practice recommendations, we ensure that every facet of our educational community thrives and excels.
  • Measuring and Enhancing Educational Effectiveness: With a laser focus on educational effectiveness, we assess student outcomes, program quality, and academic services performance. Our commitment extends to facilitating evaluations for academic teaching faculty, academic service faculty, and administrators, maintaining high standards of teaching and leadership.
  • Accreditation Excellence: CEEA stands as a bastion, upholding and exceeding accreditation standards. Our goal is to guide colleges and departments in achieving and sustaining accreditation, ensuring that every student receives the finest education possible.


  • Rooted in Lasallian Tradition: Our principles are deeply rooted in the Lasallian educational mission, fostering a holistic approach to education.
  • Catalyst for Positive Change: As a catalyst, we initiate positive changes, driving initiatives that elevate the overall educational experience.
  • Collaboration at the Core: Operating under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Services, we collaborate closely with college deans and directors, playing a pivotal role in the broader academic framework.

Role within the Broader Academic Framework:

CEEA operates under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Services, fostering close collaboration with college deans and directors. Within this framework, CEEA serves as a vital hub for enhancing educational quality through accreditation and effectiveness measures. By actively engaging with academic units, CEEA plays a pivotal role in aligning educational practices with accreditation standards, ensuring a holistic and transformative educational experience for students and faculty.