Academic Performance Assessment and Accreditation (APAA):

  • Internal Assessments: The APAA service unit plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continuous enhancement of academic programs and educational services through internal assessments. Led by the Quality Assurance Team (QAT), these assessments are comprehensive evaluations that scrutinize the effectiveness and quality of educational offerings.
  • Collaborative Reviews: In collaboration with colleges and departments, APAA conducts faculty plantilla reviews, assessing the faculty composition to optimize staffing for optimal academic performance. Syllabus reviews ensure that course materials align seamlessly with accreditation standards and intended educational outcomes.
  • Course and Performance Evaluations: The APAA team actively engages in course evaluations to assess the quality of teaching and learning experiences. Additionally, they facilitate performance evaluations for academic teaching faculty, academic service faculty, and administrators, ensuring adherence to high standards of teaching, educational service, and leadership.

Academic Planning and Program Development (APPD):

  • Quality Improvement Initiatives: APPD serves as a catalyst for colleges and departments, assisting them in planning, developing, and implementing quality improvement initiatives. Aligned with accreditation standards, these initiatives aim to elevate the overall quality of academic programs and educational services.
  • Curriculum Development: The APPD team brings expertise to the forefront by assisting in curriculum development. This involves aligning program offerings with the dynamic demands of the healthcare sector, ensuring that educational content remains relevant and responsive to the latest trends in health professions education.
  • Policy Development Support: Offering support in policy development, the APPD unit ensures that effective policies are in place within Academic Services. By providing guidance and expertise, the team helps establish a robust policy framework that aligns with best practices and contributes to the overall effectiveness of academic operations.