The Center for Humanities and Social Sciences is at the frontline of DLSMHSI in upholding the Lasallian Mission of providing a Human and Christian Education.

Through its General Education courses offered across the undergraduate colleges, CHSS fosters genuine commitment to the integral development of students in all their uniqueness and diversity.

The humanities explore philosophy and ethics, religious education, languages and literature, arts, and physical education. While the social sciences focuses on subjects like history, psychology, and contemporary world.

Our faculty members are committed to adapt and implement innovative teaching and learning methodologies that will promote critical and creative thinking skills for personal and professional success among DLSMHSI students.


  1. Provide broader foundation in the humanities and the social sciences;
  2. Nurture genuine commitment integral to Human and Christian development;
  3. Promote moral integrity and safeguard the value of life through decisions that are grounded on ethical principles and actions;
  4. Inculcate among DLSMHSI students global orientation, national pride, patriotism, social justice and civic action;
  5. Encourage self-expression that leads to realization of their full potential;
  6. Interpret and understand the human experience through the arts and socio-cultural traditions;
  7. Demonstrate mindfulness and appropriateness in the use of language through written, spoken and visual communication;
  8. Foster a strong sense of self-worth and appreciation of life-long fitness and its positive benefits;
  9. Develop holistic health professionals involved in research and participates in community engagement through outreach projects.