Description of the Logo

The College of Dentistry Logo embodies rich symbolism and history. At the heart of the logo lies the Staff of Asclepius, a timeless symbol representing healing and medicine. In this rendition, the serpentine staff serves as a reminder of the noble pursuit of healthcare and well-being. Embracing the essence of dentistry, the elegant Greek letter “D” gracefully intertwines with the staff, representing the esteemed field of Dentistry.

Flanking the staff, the meticulously crafted olive leaves gracefully allude to the intricacies of dental anatomy, reflecting the profound significance of the sixteen teeth on each side of the human jaw. Their delicate presence serves as poignant tribute to the intricate beauty and complexity of the human dentition.

The regal hues of purple, carefully chosen, pay homage to St. Apollonia, the esteemed patroness of Dentistry, lending an air of reverence and dignity to the logo. Through this color, the logo not only pays tribute to the rich history of the field but also symbolized the steadfast commitment of dental practitioners to the well-being and care of their patients

Together, these elements intertwine to form a powerful emblem, encapsulating the timeless spirit of healing, the sophistication of dental science, and the dedication to compassionate patient care.