At the end of the program, the graduates of Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science shall have:

  1. Developed the knowledge, skills, and professional attitude in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures needed to help the physician in the proper diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of diseases.
  2. Developed critical thinking skills in Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science.
  3. Appreciated the need for research and community-related activities.
  4. Participated in activities related to promoting the profession and actively engage in lifelong learning activities.
  5. Developed collaborative and leadership qualities.


  1. Demonstrate technical competence in the performance of clinical laboratory tests in aid of diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases vis-à-vis biosafety and waste management;
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the workplace;
  3. Contribute in the collection, analysis and projection of health information for improving the health care management system;
  4. Demonstrate entrepreneurship skills in areas related to Medical Technology/ Medical Laboratory Science practice;
  5. Demonstrate inter-personal skills, leadership qualities and ethical practice of the profession;
  6. Demonstrate research skills in relevant areas of Med Tech practice;
  7. Engage in community-oriented activities;
  8. Engage in lifelong learning activities; and
  9. Demonstrate effective communication skills.