Graduate Studies in Medical and Health Sciences

  1. Definition:
    This Graduate Education Scholarship Opportunities (GESO) is awarded to GSMHS students who excel academically and/or have financial difficulties and are interested in providing support services to the GSMHS. The scholarship grants covers tuition and miscellaneous fees that can be renewed every semester.
  2. Rationale:
    The GECO was created to augment the human resources of the GSMHS through support services provided by the scholars while responding to the financial needs of the students. In particular, this is a response to Filipino graduate students who voiced out financial difficulties in sustaining their needs for graduate studies. One of the prominent reasons why many Filipino graduate students in our institution opt not to continue their studies or temporarily stop is the unavailability of funds. In addition, as practicing health care workers in the Philippines, it is a sad reality that many of them are receiving a salary that is within or below subsistence level.

    In addition, graduate students who excel academically, who may not necessarily have major financial difficulties but awarded with scholarship, will be inspired to strive for excellence as they enjoy the benefits of their rewards.

  3. Objectives:
    The GECO aims primarily to offer financial support to those deserving GSMHS students who have demonstrated dedication and effort that reflect characteristics which are necessary to succeed and thrive through graduate studies. Likewise, it will support those with financial difficulties but are willing to further their studies. Secondarily, this is a strategy to encourage more enrollees in the GSMHS.
  4. Composition of the GSMHS Scholarship Committee
    Basic composition of the committee:

    1. Chairperson – any faculty member of the GSMHS
    2. Member – One to two member/s representing the master’s program
    3. Member – One faculty representative of the PhD program
    4. Secretary – GSMHS Office Associate/Staff
  5. Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality
    All members of the Scholarship Selection Committee must sign a Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality form annually prior to evaluating any scholarship applications. In accordance with this form, Scholarship Committee members are required to declare any real or potential conflict of interests and to abide by the Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality policies. These forms are kept on file with other scholarship documents and in line with the GSMHS’s record keeping and document retention policies.
  6. Screening Criteria:
    Eligibility Criteria: Filipino health care workers, Philippine or foreign–based

    Selection Criteria Points System Documents Needed
    1.  Length of Service (Working experience) in the Philippines

    5 and above years – 10 points

    2 to less than 5 years – 8 points

    Less 2 years – 6 points

    10 points Certificate of Employment; reference letter
    1. GPA Score in the undergraduate program (for first time applicants only)

    GPA 95 above – 25 points

    GPA 92-94.9 – 22 points

    GPA 90-91.9 – 19 points

    GPA 88-89.9 – 16 points

    GPA below 88 – 13 points

    25 points


    Transcript of Records


    1. Previous/current participation in organizations and/or community service activities (in the last 3 years).

    With participation – 5 points

    Without participation – 0 points

    5 points Membership ID/ certificate, or

    evidence of community service

    1. Research and publication engagements (in the last 3 years)

    With – 5 points

    Without – 0 point

    5 points Certification or research report
    5.   Combined household monthly income (student and spouse)

    a.   20,000 pesos and below (35 points)

    b.   20,001 to 35,000 (33 points)

    c.   35,001 to 50,000 (31 points)

    d.   50,001 to 65,000 (28 points)

    e.   65,001 and above (25 points)

    35 points








    COE (with indicated income), BIR Form 2316 (Certificate of Compensation Payment or Income Tax Withheld) or 1 month pay slip.


    6.     Year Level

    a.               Second year or beyond (masters/PhD) – 10 points

    b.               First year – 5 points

    10 points


    Certification of grades or any relevant school document
    7.     DLSMHSI Employee

    Employee – 10 points

    Non-employee – 0 points

    10 points DLSMHSI ID or COE
    Total 100 points  
  7. Procedure:
    1. Fill out the Scholarship Application Form for PostGrad Scholarship.
    2. Upload and fill-out the following requirements on the assigned google drive (Please rename the files to be uploaded as (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name & Temporary/Student ID number) & in pdf format).

      • COE, reference letter
      • TOR (Undergraduate for masters; masters for PhD)
      • Membership identification card or certificate and/or proof of community service
      • Evidence of research and publication engagements (e.g. certification, technical report, article)
      • Certificate of Employment (with indicated income) or BIR Form 2316 (Certificate of Compensation Payment or Income Tax Withheld) or 1 month pay slip. If married, both the student and spouse need to submit income evidence. If single, only the applicant’s relevant document is needed.
      • Registration Form (last semester of enrollment) (for renewal)
    3. Please read the reminder shown on the last part of google form per type of scholarship.
    4. The eligibility of the student-applicant for tuition fee and miscellaneous fee discount shall be evaluated through a scoring system as follows:
      Scores Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees Coverage
      95 to 100 points 100%
      85 to > 95 points 90%
      75 to > 85 points 80%
      65 to > 75 points 70%
      55 to > 50 points 60%
    5. The student-applicant who will be considered pre-qualified based on the submitted documents, will be scheduled for an interview.
    6. Screening/deliberation for the number of applicants to be awarded with scholarship shall be contingent on the available budget and meeting the required points. In case, there will be more than one applicants who meet the 95 to 100 points, only the highest scoring applicant shall be awarded with the 100% scholarship coverage. The others shall be awarded the lower coverage.
  8. Retention/Condition:
    1. The student-applicant should have no failing or incomplete grade/s and has not been subjected to any disciplinary action in the previous school year. The application can be renewed every semester.
    2. A graduate student with scholarship must complete the program within the time frame required in the curriculum, except in case of approved deferment.
    3. The student scholar is expected to render some of the following forms of support services/assistance to the GSMHS in exchange of the scholarship provided.
      • C.1 Active involvement in the student council activities as officer and/or member
      • C.2 Community service (within and outside HSI). This may include community outreach activities conducted by GSMHS/DLSMHSI or other volunteering activities within the students’ locality, institution or societies.
      • C.3 Clerical work. This may include editing of documents, encoding, literature searching, and other related tasks.
      • C.4 Promotion of graduate studies programs
      • C.5 Co-organize educational activities that include tasks such as organizing committee membership, emcee/facilitators, creation of certificates and fliers, and resource person.
      • C.6 Provision of other technical assistance in other GSMHS activities.
  9. Length of Support Services/Assistance to be Provided:
    The following are the corresponding total number of hours (approximate) that need to be delivered by the student scholars for support services depending on the scholarship coverage.

    Scholarship Coverage Number of hours to be provided Approximately
    100% 60 hours
    90% 55 hours
    80% 50 hours
    70%                    45 hours
    60%                    40 hours
  10. Period of Support Services/Assistance Provision by the Scholar:
    The support services to be provided by the scholar shall be implemented in the same semester of the scholarship award until the next scholarship notification for the succeeding semester.
  11. Deferment of Scholarship Grant
    1. A scholar may apply for deferment of scholarship grant prior to the start of the next term of a given academic year subject to the written approval of the GSMHS scholarship committee.
    2. A scholar may be allowed for deferment for only one (1) academic year due to health reasons supported by a medical certificate which would prevent him/her from enrolling for the whole semester.
  12. Withdrawal from Scholarship
    Circumstances may occur in which scholars are not able to complete the terms of the scholarship. If the scholar does not complete the term or withdraws from school, the scholar must notify the GSMHS scholarship committee in writing with the reasons and the scholar’s future plans.
  13. Scholarship Termination:
    1. Submission of fake or spurious documents
    2. Final conviction of an offense involving moral turpitude
    3. Other causes analogous to the forgoing
    4. Discontinuance of his/her studies
    5. Failure in any of his/her enrolled subjects;