Quality Assurance


In its effort to maintain the standard of quality education given to the students, the College of Nursing continuously holds mid-year and end-of-the-year evaluation every year. These activities aim to assess the academic and clinical experiences of the students in order to make the necessary changes for the improvement of the course offerings. A curriculum development and planning is also held yearly attended by the different stakeholders. Faculty members are subjected to a 360-degree evaluation every semester/term for full-time probationary, fixed term and part-time and every year for all permanent faculty members. This includes the (a) Administrators’ evaluation (25%), (b) students’ evaluation (50%), (c) self-evaluation (10%) and (d) peer evaluation (15%). Performance evaluation by the administrators and peers are usually done in the middle of the semester and the students’ and self- evaluation are done at the end of the semester. Once the results are forwarded to the College of Nursing, the Dean holds a one-on-one conference with the faculty members to talk about the performance evaluation. Strengths seen are encouraged and weaknesses are discussed to suggest ways on how to turn them into opportunities for change and improvement. The Academic Quality Management (AQM) of DLSMHSI also assists the college in improving the development of syllabi and other materials relevant to curriculum development.