Basic Courses. Completion of 15 units is required of all master`s students

GRNU200 Administration Theory and Process in Nursing 3
GRNU201 Behavioral Perspective in Health Care 3
GRNU202 Seminar in Curriculum Development in Nursing 3
GRNU215 Theoretical Framework for Nursing Practice   
**any three(3) from the first four basic courses listed
GRED209 Methods of Research 3
GRED210 Advanced Statistics, Measurement and Evaluation 3


Major Courses. The master`s student is required to enroll in all the courses (12units) of one`s chosen field of specialization.

A. Major field: Medical Surgical Nursing UNITS
GRNU203 Advanced Medical-Surgical I 3
GRNU204 Advanced Medical-Surgical II 3
GRNU206 Nursing in Chronic Diseases and Condition 3
GRNU207 Field Experience in Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 3


B. Major field: Maternal and Child Health Nursing UNITS
GRNU208 Maternal and Child Health Nursing 3
GRNU209 Child Development and Adjustment 3
GRNU210 The Family and Health 3
GRNU211 Field Experience in Maternal and Child Health Nursing 3


Elective /Cognate Courses. The master`s student is required to complete 6 units (2 courses) of elective/cognate courses. Electives may be those other than one`s major field of specialization (e.g. Medical and Surgical Health Nursing student can take a Maternal and Child Health Nursing course as an elective). Or it may be specifically any of the following:

GRNU216 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
GRNU225 Health Development Program 3


GRNU226 Advanced Health Assessment 3
GRNU229 Current Issues and Trends in Nursing 3


Thesis. Thesis writing is the final phase of the program. Presentation of the proposal and defense of the findings of the study are required.

GRED212 Seminar in Thesis writing 3
GRED213 Thesis Writing 6