Description of the Logo

Lasallian Star (Signum Fidei) – It is the sign of faith and the symbol of De La Salle Brothers. This represents the profound aspiration to embody the Lasallian spirituality and values.

Bay (Laurel) twigs –These represent the unwavering will to attain success in all doings grounded on the Lasallian virtues. This is a symbol of victory and resiliency. These also stand for empowerment, which builds the bonds of the community that lead to interracial friendships.

Mind speaking different colors – This represents the Language Training and Professional Development Unit. Different colors symbolize different languages, which help sustain the internationalization and professional development efforts to respond and achieve the global demand for competence in the medium of language and instruction.

Cultural Masks – These represent the Minority and Multicultural Unit. These masks signify the aim to promote equity and to break the disparity in the minority and multicultural group through active involvement in different school activities. These also stand for flexibility, Respect and Empathy to minority group.

Group of People Holding Arms – This represents the International Student Relations Unit. People in diverse cultures working together symbolize a strong built of partnership around the world, which is the main thrust of Internationalization. The binding circle represents the continuity of connection across the globe through education.

Dot – This stands for diversity, which refers to inclusive practice focused on differences and multi-cultural backgrounds.

2019 – It is the establishment year of the Department.