English and Filipino Proficiency Course – These are special English and Filipino classes for non-native English speakers who could hardly communicate using the two languages. These also cover special sessions aimed at achieving mastery in Conversational English and Filipino and all other relatable competencies.

Special Course in Subject/ Business Presentation Skills (for DLSMHSI employees and outside clienteles like the middle managers and supervisors such as schools, business firms, hospitals, and the like) – This is a one-size-fits all communicative and inquiry-based learning program which centers on the subject/business presentation methodologies. The activities are tailormade programs for employees, business executives who want to be confident, fluent and professional in using English. Special workshops are carefully designed to develop skills in a specific area such as handling personnel matters, communication at work, success with presentations, interpersonal skills, customer care, customer-focused telephone skills, effective time management, creative problem solving, leadership and teambuilding and report writing.

Translation, Editing and Proofreading of Professional documents and papers (theses, journals, modules, books, articles, and the like) – The services are offered to students, writers and the other professionals who would want their documents edited, translated and proofread by technical experts in the field of academic, business and technical writing.

English for Specific Purposes Course for DLSMHSI students, employees, teachers, and outside clienteles, English for Academic Purposes, English for Business Purposes, English for Medical Purposes, English for Vocational Purposes, English for Science and Technology Purposes – This program is designed to help those who want to migrate to other countries obtain the practical English skills necessary to function in the workplace. Furthermore, this will offer employers and employees functional language skills demanded across a variety of employment sectors. This is also designed to meet the needs of (mostly) adult learners who need to learn a foreign language for use in their specific fields, such as science, technology, medicine, leisure, and academic learning. This program is recommended for graduate students and foreign and second language professionals who wish to learn how to design ESP courses and programs in an area of specialization such as English for business, for Academic Purposes and for health service purposes. Furthermore, this aims to help teachers who are teaching in English in vocational institutions who want to be more specific in terms of underlying methodology and activities of the discipline it serves by learning the language appropriate to these activities in terms of grammar, lexis, register, study skills, discourse and genre.

Pre-employment English Training Program for all DLSMHSI Graduating Students – This focuses on the programs that would best prepare the students in the world of work. The program aims to improve graduating students’ ability in using English in real life communication and increase their confidence as they meet their prospective employers. Furthermore, this also helps students to improve employment prospects and those who seek for further education, and those who are preparing to travel, work and live abroad.

English Proficiency Course for all DLSMHSI students – This program is designed for all DLSMHSI Students to achieve competence with the use of English and fluency with oral and written English, use language to achieve a variety of social purposes and to express and develop ideas on a range of topics, from everyday experiences to the ideas that are considered across all the areas of the curriculum.

Special language training programs in preparation for the IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL exams which are required by the credentialing agencies – This prepares the students/participants for the examinations like IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL which are indeed required by the credentialing agencies abroad.