Guidelines in Lending Laptops

Bona fide members of DLSMHSI with no outstanding library accountabilities may borrow laptop at the Learning Lab.


  • Laptop should only be used inside the premises of the library building.
  • Borrowers are required to deposit their DLSMHSI ID at the Learning Lab for the entire borrowing period.
  • Laptop is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be checked out for a maximum of three hours. The borrower may request for a two-hour extension if there is no standing request for the next hour.
  • Laptop must be returned in person 30 minutes before the Learning Lab closes regardless of the amount of time left on the loan. Users shall be required to wait so staff can verify the borrowed device.
  • Laptop is subject to a fine of Php50.00 per hour. Failure to return the device before the Learning Lab closes is subject to an additional fine of Php100.00 per day and holding of his/her borrowing privileges for a month.
  • Users may only borrow one laptop at a time.
  • Holds and reservations of laptop are not allowed.
  • Users may not add, delete, or change any programs/applications without the permission of the Head of Library Technology and Spaces.
  • The Library reserves the right to delete all files saved on the laptops to prevent unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of any personal information stored in the files through regular file clean-up. The Library strongly urges patrons to save files to a USB key or a web-based storage site. The Library shall not be responsible for recovering files saved in the devices.
  • Users must be responsible in managing the security and privacy of their accounts. The Library shall not be held responsible for accounts left signed in in computers.
  • Users shall be responsible for the full replacement and repair costs if the laptop or any peripherals borrowed are lost or damaged as determined by the Library.
  • The Library reserves the right to decline usage to any borrower at any time.