Responsible Use of the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a shared space. A roving library staff shall be assigned to check the Learning Commons to ensure the responsible use of space. However, users are expected to be mature, responsible, and considerate who think about the welfare of others above self. Below are the guidelines in the responsible use of the Learning Commons for the mutual benefit of all users:

  • Share the space.┬áDo not discourage others from occupying the space by leaving personal things lying on empty seats and tables.
  • Mind the noise. Keep a low voice inside the main reading area. Use the Learning Cubes if you intend to have group discussion. Step out of the Learning Commons when accepting a call. Avoid loitering.
  • Take the opportunity to learn. The Learning Commons is meant to be a learning space. It is not a sleeping area or a social space.
  • Be mindful of others. Consider how your action would affect others who are using the space.
  • Be polite. You may ask others to keep the voice down or remove their things in unoccupied seats and tables with prudence and politeness.
  • Be cooperative. Respond positively to requests and reminders from other users, especially if they are fair and reasonable.
  • Care for the space. Take care of the facilities, equipment, and furniture. Turn off the light and air conditioning, arrange the tables and chairs, and lock the door after using the Library Cubes.
  • Clean as you go. Dispose of trash properly. Do not leave personal things unattended.
  • Keep food out. Eating is not allowed inside the Learning Commons. Beverages in containers with tight lids may be brought inside. Mind the spill.
  • Be vigilant. Report damage, leaks, or untoward incident to the Library as soon as possible.