Guidelines in requesting for audio-visual equipment

Audio-visual equipment may be borrowed by a College or Department to be used for academic activities. This includes a sound system, speaker, microphone, projector, projector screen, and camera. Requests for AV equipment for personal purposes are not allowed.

  1. A representative of the College or Department who is responsible for the activity (such as faculty member or administrative assistant) should fill out the Online Reservation Form at least 4 working days before the activity date. Students are not allowed to submit requests.
  2. The Audio Visual Technology shall contact the requestor to confirm the details of the request and to inform if the request is approved or otherwise.
  3. The requestor shall pick up the AV equipment at the RPAMDAFSC Library one hour before the event, leave his/her valid DLSMHSI identification, and return the AV equipment back to the RPAMDAFSC Library one hour after the event. If the AV equipment is returned past the work hours of the Audio-Visual Services, he/she may return it to the Security Personnel on duty at RPAMDAFSC Library. The Security Personnel shall log the important details of the return such as name of the person who returned the AV equipment and the date and time of return. The AV Technician shall collect it the next working day for proper documentation and inspection.
  4. The requestor shall be responsible for the proper use and care of the AV equipment borrowed. All AV equipment shall be inspected before release and upon return to ensure that it is in working condition. In case of damage or loss of the AV equipment, the requestor shall bear the cost of repair or replacement as deemed appropriate by RPAMDAFSC Library.
  5. Equipment must be used within the campus. Transport and use of equipment outside of the campus is subject to the approval of RPAMDAFSC Library. Appropriate documentation and permits, such as gate pass, must be prepared and secured by the requestor.
  6. Requests may be disapproved due to unavailability of requested audio-visual equipment or other reasons deemed valid by the RPAMDAFSC Library. Requests shall be processed on a first-come, first served basis.
  7. The RPAMDAFSC Library reserves the right to deck the requests based on priority, disapprove requests, or cancel requests upon prior notice.
  8. Cancellation of reservation must be done at least two working days (excluding Saturday) before the activity date.